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Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC
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by Julie on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

I started seeing Katie at the recommendation of a friend who was already using her services. Life had gotten a tad too overwhelming and painful all at once, and I needed more help than "a good friend to talk to." I'd never been to a counselor before, so I felt rather awkward about the whole idea, but Katie made me feel quite comfortable. She's very easy to talk to, and not at all judgmental, which was a primary concern when I began seeing her. She was also exceptionally considerate of my time and my tendency to fall into a habit, gently letting me know that I had reached a point where I no longer needed to see her...cutting the apron strings, so to speak, so that I wouldn't waste time and money on sessions that I no longer needed. I absolutely will go back to her if I ever hit another breaking point in life, and I would recommend her to anyone in need of counseling.

by Kristi Trimmer on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

Having never seen a counselor before, I was a bit apprehensive going in. I had absolutely nothing to fear, however. Katie was a dream to work with. She is gentle and sincere, and I could not have been more pleased about our time together. If I weren't moving, I would have continued to see her, and I would **HIGHLY** recommend her to anyone without a breath of hesitation.

by Stevie Leigh on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

Katie has been working with me for nearly 2 years now and she has helped me immensely. She has walked me through some very trying times in my life while still making time to work on more complex, long-term issues as opposed to just the short-term stressors. She’s very good about managing immediate crisis-type situations while still looking at the overall picture so we don’t lose sight of everything that needs to be touched on while dealing with more immediate situations. I’m very grateful that I found Katie because I’ve seen tremendous progress since she began helping me, and I feel much more in control of my life and my relationships. My overall demeanor has changed for the better, as has my capability of handling stressful situations. I’m a better friend, employee, sister, daughter, etc. in part due to her guidance.

I’ve seen many counselors over my lifetime and have had very few that I actually feel really listened to me or helped me, but Katie is definitely on that extremely short list. She is very professional, yet warm. Very intelligent, yet easy to talk to. She’s incredibly perceptive and reads me really well, even when I’m not being completely transparent. I have loads of respect for her, and I plan to continue seeing her for a very long time. Absolutely one of the best counselors I’ve ever seen, and I recommend her to anyone. She’s a gem!

by Vanessa Vaughter, LMSW, MDIV on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

As a professional colleague of Katie's, I have been impressed with her desire to broaden her skill set, learn from colleagues and collaborate with other local professionals. Katie is effective, relational and always growing.

by Anonymous on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

Katie Sanders is so delightful to work with on building a fantastic marriage. She has truly helped my husband and I work through stronger communication skills along with understanding our so different love languages. We try to fill each other’s love banks more and are very mindful of telling each other that it’s getting empty. Thank you Katie for saving something that was broken in our marriage. We see our counseling is beneficial to us and we feel it’s great to take time out of our busy stressful lifestyles to meet with you. It’s almost like a date night just with you helping us through our date. I highly recommend you to everyone out there who is struggling with not only yourself but with a marriage that is something you don’t think you can fix. Have Hope because Katie can help you, just have patience, do your homework, and don’t Give up.

by Anonymous on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

My spouse and I were shown many great tools to resolve conflict and to have better communication. Katie is a great listener with helpful and honest feedback. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a counselor.

by Anonymous on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

Katie was awesome and a big help. Especially having a husband who didn't like to see other sides besides his own and you did that. I always looked forward to our meetings because even if we fought there it helped in the long run.

by Anonymous on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

“Katie has truly been wonderful to our family. Her approach makes my daughter feel that she can vent and work out her frustrations/issues in a safe non-judgmental environment. She really cares about her patients and their families. My daughter is always in better spirits after a session.

by Anonymous on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

When my husband, 14 year old daughter and myself first went to see Katie my daughter refused to even be in the same room with us and would only meet with Katie separately for a minute or two before getting up and leaving. With Katie's encouragement and persistence I can thankfully say that we are now at a place where we can all three be in a room together and actually negotiate our wants and needs. It wasn't easy but Katie was very insightful and encouraging. She greatly helped us on our journey to repair our relationship and trust with our daughter.

by Anonymous on Katherine "Katie" Sanders, LMFT, LPC

I initially went to Katie when I was having a hard time in my relationship and personal life. Not only did she give me the tools to communicate better, she was warm, unbiased, and never judging in anything I shared with her. I always felt like I was talking to friend- a professional friend with much, much better advice.

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